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Start a new Amazon FBA business with SHIPUS, a quality service provider in the US, Canada, and abroad. SHIPUS is associated with professional FBA ship and Prep services for the Amazon business holders…

Automated Labeling Service

Get the flat and round surface Labeling @reasonable price. Our enormous investment in automation is assurance that we can deliver large-sized orders back to back…

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SHIPUS deals with the simple but professional approach where the business holder needs to follow the protocol:

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Here you must add your original US Shipping address, and it’s mandatory for signup. Better to provide your actual address and not to add any false information.

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After Signup, you are free to explore the online market but don’t forget to choose the US stores. After shopping from different sections and stores, choose the shipment option and mention your US address.

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Cost & packages

You can combine your shipping cost along with all the packages. Pay low shipping costs by combining the whole shopping in one package.

FBA Prep Service:

Free, 5 days storage
  • 1-500 items:- (1 AED per item)
  • 501-1000 items:- (0.85 AED per item)
  • 1001-and more:- (Call us)
  • Bundles or multipack:- ( 1.50 AED each (up to 6 items)
  • More than 6 items in a bundle:- ( 1.50AED each (Call for pricing)
  • Inspection of items (no prep):- ( 1.50 AED each ( 0.65 AED per item)

Other Services:

  • Hourly rate:- ( 60 AED per hour)
  • Palletizing:- ( 30.00 AED per pallet)
  • Unload container, 20 ft:- (200.00 AED)
  • Unload Container, 40 ft:- (400.00 AED)
  • Package forwarding:- ( 1.50AED each ( 3.00AED per carton)


  • Small box:- (1.75 AED)
  • Medium Box:- (2.50AED)
  • Large Box:- (2.75AED)
  • Medium Bubble Wrap:- (0.25 AED per foot)
  • Large Bubble Wrap:- (0.35 AED per foot)

FBM Prep Service:

  • 1-500:- ( 2.50 AED)
  • 501-1000:- (2.25 AED)
  • 1001 and up:- (2.00 AED)

What is FBA Prep & Shipment?

How is it beneficial for business holders?

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) works like Amazon’s storage and shipment service. The main aim of starting this service is to accommodate the new, local and international clients to trade safely. All the sold or purchased products went to the FBA center, then the Amazon team picked & packed the delivered products and sent them for shipment.
FBA center is where all the claims occur and operate according to the Amazon legal policy. All the returns, replacements, and refund claims are taken and resolved by the team. SHIPUS will make your journey even more smooth and beneficial, so join us and get 100% loyal assistance.
Moreover, the client can take the assistance of sponsored and advertising programs of Amazon because the brand itself will never advertise or showcase any product. If you are interested and want to exhibit your product, then Amazon Advertisement and sponsorship is another department you can explore.
It’s the best idea to promote your product and services through Amazon because it will bring potential customers towards you.

Explain the benefits a business person can get from FBA?

FBA will change the whole scene of your new build business as it can easily take any order. All you need is to register with Amazon and leave all your worries. You will get the following benefits:

  • All the products will pick and sorted in the warehouse
  • Packing is a critical aspect, so proper it to do it appropriately
  • After packing & labeling, the parcel will all be set for shipping and delivered to the customer
  • You will get Ongoing customer support for sure
  • The automated labeling will help you to track the parcel
  • FBA also deals with different product claims, including returns, refund and replace, etc
  • FBA will manage all the refunds 
  • FBA reduce the shipping cost